Monday, April 30, 2007

Elliott, at 45, still rocks the house

160 starter, dirt and broken roads, and the sheriff makes the split and takes the gallop. maybe he'll show up for a few cross races, too.


McSassy said...

Man I remember when he came over and raced the US sceen with the LA Copper squad.

Man is a horse!!!

Learned alot sitting on that wheel.


Kevin said...

I'm TERRIBLY disappointed that since the "Sheriff of Notingham" as they called him back in the day is now doing (winning!!!) UCI races and therefore not eligible to race at Master's Worlds. In my age group...

McSassy said...

Thats a shame :)

Worlds though.....Hmmmmm never even thought of doing such a thing.

Where does a baby geezer find info on something like that.

Henri said...

looks like the Disco plan is conquer master worlds in St Johan this summer go get em sass mo..