Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Buffed then battered

Yah, that CCCX par-course was an awesome buffed high speed single track. Long enough to feel like a mtb race and short, smooth and fast enough to feel like cross,... and no dismounts or glop. We lined up to race the semi-pro event. Rod announced that the cash prize was for first only. When Barry Wicks slid into the front row, we knew the race was gonna be for 2nd. We stayed with him for the first lap and a half, but he quickly disappeared and left three of us swapping leads in a half hearted chase. To our credit,(it looked like he was just cruising), we kept him within a couple of minutes. At one point, when he crossed back towards us, I yelled, "wait up Barry", Ha, funny guy!... Larry, Jason, and I had a fun race, .... on the last lap we attacked each other. It was the kind of course that unless you were hands and feet stronger then the rest (B Wicks),you had no place to escape.... So, once you were in your grouping, it was a matter of making the right play at the end. On the last lap we attacked each other. Jason lead us up the hill and over, then I attacked with no success, then Larry broke free and I was able to bridge and wait for an opening near the finish to attack again for a narrow escape to the line for 2nd. Yah, Barry won, but ya know, if I had won, people would figure I was taking something,... but as often as I screw up, no way.

Battered on Sunday to come

Friday, May 18, 2007

Dirty Weekend

...and that ain't yard work, though the grass is really getting long, I keep raising the height on the mower, but the grass just keeps growing... guess my secret treatment worked again this winter.
...well, anyway, as much as I crave road racing, skills dictate dirt racing as a necessary detachment,... so this weekend is all about fat tire speed. gotta have a little prep before going to the super tech world of Mt Snow, Vt.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Berkeley RR, P/!/2

Doin' a P/1/2 RR is like chinese water torture. it slowly wears ya down till ya don't have nothin left. it not so bad when it starts, but as it ends, ya wanta yell "uncle".

yah. I finished, but there is little grace left at the end of this kinda race.

see ya on the single track.

racing the bike is fun cause it is hard, not racing your bike is hard cause it is fun.
and on Monday, it is hard to decide which fun is more fun. Henri

Saturday, May 12, 2007

U23 cross champ wins another on the road

Lars Boom
, how could you not win with a name like that, takes another road victory. Is he switchin over to the dryer side of skinny tyres?

Just like Franzoi drops his road deal with Lampre to fulltime cross it.

We are all so confusid, in this warm weather.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

92 bottles of beer

92 miles really, and that is all that is left of the Berkeley RR. Glad to see some master bros in there for the pain. Just a few to many Strawberries, so I'll stay home and muck it up this weekend with some single track on those awesome new s-work all condition tires, they grip the trail like it were paved! next weekend, it will be a mtb feast, with cccx and napa on which to gorge. Mt Hambone?... painful fun, especially if you do the round trip back up calaveras.
Have fun....