Monday, February 26, 2007

Smelling RR

This is a traditional first race of the year for a lot of riders. It is a flat one, so everyone shows. Climbers are never afraid of flat courses, but sprinters are afraid of hills.... what's in them thar' hills? Don't know, but clunking up a narrow windy road seems more fun than groveling in the gutter... though I chose to do both and enjoy... or at lease have lots of stories to tell at the end.

Three strawberries rose early to make the festivities. the Danger Man, Pablo and me, Henri. It was great weather, cool and not to much wind. The 35 field has gotten very organized and strong. It is well organized from the stand point of a few teams able to control the race. Safeway and Spine got control early and half way through the race, Hutch and Olaf V shot off the front with one EMC guy in tow. Now that is a very lethal combo, near unstoppable, as both those teams were and are always well represented. Now.... who can chase that down, well there were a couple of teams in strong enough numbers to chase and still have reserves, but that never happened. So the race was left to the suicide men. Strawberry, being fresh off the vine, could not sacrifice much. So if ya' wanted to score today ya better screw in your tiger eye and giddy up off the front. There was a last lap break of a couple of tough guys, that did not get caught. Very near the end, K Carpenter drove the pace so hard that it sling shot a small group that D Martin drove into the gutter to propel his time trail to the finish. P Sarna made a studdly solo effort with 5k to go only to be rushed at the 1 k mark. There was a mild pimping sprint for the remaining spots by the pouting field.
Things were just tough enough that only one third of the starting 100+ riders finished and most seemed to be shedding tears about how hard it had been on the dusty plains of Central California.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One Two Three

One, Two, Three at the finish...One, Two, Three on Sierra Rd. Photos
Check out a few photos from this years trip to the motherland.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pine FlatsRR

There is nothing flat about this race, not even the parking area is level, but it has a great peaceful view of a giant reservoir and in the stunning Sierra foothills with creek lined California Sycamores and Oaks, strewn with granite boulders.
Once again team play was determinate in the outcome. The CVC team took complete control of the front of the race and chased In a well controlled manner, knowing the terrain well, they managed the chase to pro perfection. I congratulated all of them and asked if they had a good propect in what was now looking like the winning break.
There was some seriously hard riding by the usual big men of the mst 35 gang. An amazing bridge effort for the win by Sfwy D Martin, looking strong as ever. T Gaver has his old form, as he went with DM to the front group. The last 15 miles headed back into the rolling foothills and finished on a couple of stiff climbs to the finish. What was left of the main group blew to bits with a hard tempo by a super Spine.
This is a great road course and it is too bad more are not attracted to it.
See ya at Smelling.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Crosser's on the Road? So early.......

Cantua Creek Road Race

The weather was perfect and the wind very light, so the course was pleasnt enough for and out and back. Large 4/5 fields and lots of old guys.

This is a lesson in good team play. Just 3 teams with 2 member each were able to control and dominate the race. Granted they were some of the strongest guys there. With a small field and many guys unwilling to work, Spine, Safeway and Morgan Stanley put anyone else under pressure till the 3 were off the front. It certainly was a fine piece of riding by Jeff Paulson to go clear and by Clint T Gaver and Shawn Oliver to chase hm down at the perfect time after the group had slip and then came back together. I was hoping to have some teammates to work with today and fresher legs, then another team could have been part of the party.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Training in the rain and havin fun

Hope ya'all havin fun in the wet weather the past weekend, we sure did. But it has warmed up now!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Muddy Strawberry in Wilrijk

Thick with glop though bouqueted and trophied in Wilrijk, a burb of Antwerp.
Congratulations to JP, Danny and Ann for great rides!! We struck the silver mine this year!!