Sunday, September 23, 2007


All that rain drained and dried quickly for the Prunedale race. It made a bit it tacky, though sand drains fast and the warmer than home temps(shortsleeves) loosened it up again. One can never really trust those seed grain rounders on the ball field.
So, it was a Strawberry-fest, and a great race at that with the Madman Myall digging deep and blasting by in the final few meters. He can really gather it when he needs. Some how he gets speed out of those legs... figure some guys get that twist. The field was a good size and it seemed everyone had lots of stories on the big Monterey opener.

Great race to all the fellows who showed, cool new course Keith, and Rod thanks for the finish!

See ya at the Wednesday Vegas-baby after bedtime race.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rain, Rain, here to stay!

What a storming start to the new cross season. Caly got rain, and it's dry and warm in motherland of cross, Belgium. There season is kicking in full steam. What I would pay to spend a month there. Well, you can bet it is going to be hot in Vegas, even at 9 at night. Now that will be an elite race, and will be happy just to get a chance to race, thanks Anthony.
But tomorrow is a day with my master and berry brethren in Prunedale.
Wonder how the snow was for those who went to Northstar today. Here we just had fun getting an early season soaking on the roads of Woodside. See ya tomorrow.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Forget those file treads

Well, those snake skin treads caught up with me today, as I was able to jump away from Josh and Howy with just under 2 to go. Minutes earlier, thinking how will it brake apart, not wanting any kind of sprint. Then, was able to open up a gap through the sand and by the top of the stairs had some room,... that is when the attempt to go a bit faster in those ball bearing turns, I slipped so quickly, like street shoes on ice... WHAM, that hurt, then my chain came off and that gave them the gap, ... when I gathered things and got going again, was able to close it down with just under one to go and thought, it was still possible....WHAM, AGAIN those darn file treads are history,... thought they would improve my skills, maybe, but they are wearing holes in my hips and knockin' me off the top step. Someone else can master them. Great race to Josh and Howy and all else out there...if you want to try those file treads, I'll bring them to the next race for anyone to use.... I am treadin' up....

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Dirt Cross Sandbagging

Well, the cross season started, dirt cross that is, and the new promoter did a stellar job in setting up a challenging par-course for the venue he has and a good production. Not many are interested in showing in this blazing heat and "so early" in our very short cross season, was good fun anyhow.

Usually the quality of racing and racer improves as the season goes along, and with nationals (only) 14 weeks away, it is a short season for most. That makes peaking a fine art in cross, and it seems, those that win, do it well.

Local races vary in popularity and competition.. the quality of racing is generally very good. The USGP races offer some real tough competition, traveling restricts many of the players, although this is true in any sport, at any level. Nationals draws the best US competitors, as in all events, it is broken out every 5 years, worlds are the same. Heck, if you go mtb racing, they automatically put you in age categories, unless you race pro or semi-pro. On the road, a lot of fellow never upgrade when they can or ride age groupings as soon as they are able. Few of us have had the opportunity to make a living as an athlete, let alone the capability. As one matures, make the choices to enjoy yourself as well as challenge yourself. Like Pietro said, "I hope they enjoyed the ride, I did"