Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cool conditions caulk causual cyclists

Yes, unseasonable cold for this time of year and you could hear the grumbling... was that frosty breath at the top of 9 and that kid had shirt sleeves and shorts getting ready for Mt Hambone,... but by the time we reach Ben Lomond, it was warm but windy or maybe that was just Jojo flying up the hill past us, ....and we got home it 6:30 hours, man... no, dolomiten man.

Sunday was just as good with old slide road out of Pacifica, ... it warmer there, and then a climb through the Perissima woods, then weaved through three San Jose juniors doing a full road descent on skyline to 92, ....and who do I see, (his eyes are better than mine) super Hutch cutting through an uphill headwind like a hot knife through butter... then home through the neon yellow soloist on Canada.

WOW, did see all those unicyclist criusing!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

weekend is almost here and what a great week

super ride yesterday to Pacifica, then the jungled 'old slid road'(member doing an'88 mtb race here with Tomac), there was some nasty sandy turns on the way down and an awesome tailwind into HMB,...then a quick turn up Perissima dirt.... oh yeh!! 35 to 92 and back to the bakery pk lot.... a cool 4:30, Wednesday, too, might tighty... this is the life. it could only be better if there were a few less people trying to run me over.

Ran into Bruce Hildebrand at the Robert's water fountain, he was bird dogging LJ... man has he's been busy with the cycling powers... goin sea wadder? $$$, no way... have fun.

....So, am looking down at that beautiful Sworks SL frame... oh no, there is a crack? ...can't be, I never ride this doll... need some expert advice, what does Dave P think?.. oh yeh, it's cracked... "hello GoRide, Bob, can you help out a team-rat, ...sure he is the greatest, thanks Bob..

ready for some big hours this weekend... am crazed with this weather and tis the season to be a roady... that mtb can wait...

thanks for listening

Monday, April 14, 2008

WOW, what a week

Someone asked about a mtb ride.... this time of year?.., with the greatest 2 races in the season back to back. so I did tons of road riding to feel like part of it, reaching a blissful self respecting peace of clairvoyant understanding and vision..... man I think I need glasses.
So the Blegie's rocked and ruled the continent, showing how and why their cycling dominated culture can race their major mode of transportation... ever seen one of them throw a ball, like a girl, as we say... but someone once yelled at me that I ride like a girl... guess they haven't ridden with some of THE girls... anyway, he almost got a black eye.

no one reads this crap anyway, so why bother reading or racing anyway....

good day