Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Silver Mining, Colorado Mtb Champs

The trip was great and so was the race. The course had a lot of single track which was fun but made passing while racing difficult. I took the lead and had a good gap at the top part of the last lap of two, but then got stuck behind 3 slower riders and had to wait till near the top to pass. This cost me half my lead. Keith, the local, knew everyone on the course and they cleared out of his way, as he passed me on the upper descent. Dehydrated from the altitude, the cramping in my legs made the technical descending more precarious. Keith had come by Hayles and I at the bottom of the descent on the first lap. I dropped both on the climbing of the final lap and figured if I maintained my gap to the top of the climb, I would have it. Traffic is always an issue in these big events and this time it probably cost me a fourth title. Keith had a great race. He was clearly the best descender in our group. My climbing once again was superior, but mountain biking requires excellent descending skills especially when fatigue sets in. The races all seem to finish with a down hill which usually ain't paved. This was a great event and fun course and I guess Natz are in Colorado again next year. We'll see.