Saturday, September 8, 2007

Forget those file treads

Well, those snake skin treads caught up with me today, as I was able to jump away from Josh and Howy with just under 2 to go. Minutes earlier, thinking how will it brake apart, not wanting any kind of sprint. Then, was able to open up a gap through the sand and by the top of the stairs had some room,... that is when the attempt to go a bit faster in those ball bearing turns, I slipped so quickly, like street shoes on ice... WHAM, that hurt, then my chain came off and that gave them the gap, ... when I gathered things and got going again, was able to close it down with just under one to go and thought, it was still possible....WHAM, AGAIN those darn file treads are history,... thought they would improve my skills, maybe, but they are wearing holes in my hips and knockin' me off the top step. Someone else can master them. Great race to Josh and Howy and all else out there...if you want to try those file treads, I'll bring them to the next race for anyone to use.... I am treadin' up....

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