Friday, March 30, 2007

My wife went out of town for the weekend and this showed up at the front door. Help!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tornado Tom rides Specialize to 7th win

Boonen klopt Eeckhout in spurt Dwars door Vlaanderen

Tom Boonen gaat in E3-Prijs op zoek naar record

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hanford Crit

Hold the presses, If there is more than one strawberry in a bunch is it a basket, a batch, a bushel or a bunch. No,... it is a clam shell, or a flat, if there are enough. Well, we were good, but we were kinda' flat. The new SLO contingent rocked,... the rules of the road are about to change!! The mst race went well... we got in some breaks, powered the field and set up guys for the final sprint. The 'payne man, showed his huge potential, stoaking a 3rd place field finish, with the danger man crowding his heals. The rest of the clam shell clan pushed everyone through. Most were pooped and headed home, while Gannon and I hung for the whistling Pro race that when finished, we fell off our bikes. coach Ron and Connie cheered from the fence as Keith M. managed the winning break of 10 for a 5th place. The foraging of the last 10 spots got a bit dodgy for all but the youngins and claim jumpers, we wilely in no break, coasted to the line.

A solid day, a super weekend and to boot, my family missed me, job well done. Henri

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Orosi RR

Super road course through the foothills on narrowing windy roads with tons of steady meandering climbs challenged with steeps. The desert was the banking fast curvey descents. It was team play again, but no milk duds... to much climbing?, come on. Safegay and Spiddle ruled with cordinated efforts to match. Strawberry, had a team,.. an addition 'nitro Nick Theobald rocked. Pulling the race. With one more player we're there, cool!!!
OH, the big news, is 'speedy' is still on fire. He lit it up at the end with hardman, to go 1,2. It sure was fun flying in a break with those guys on lap one. Missed out on the move on the last lap, got stuck doin' work to catch. But we were smiles at the end, thinkin' ahead.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Zamora RR

This is a pretty cool race course and set up with lots of road. A huge 35+ field. It was cool for a Strawberry, 'cause we had are bitty team there, workin like pros. No real result, but we linked up nicely going through the last lap, just like old times, to set up a sprint to have the madman lose a wheel..... Shucks! The tree man battled for the KOM with some tiny colombian climber.... gosh, there could of been a donut hole for 2nd place. a break got its' beehind caught at the line, but Safegay huh Paulsen blew away at 500m for a zip-up finish with monster Mick storming in for 2nd. He's the driver. The rest hooked and guttered to the line for a fast freaky finish. It was fun, chocolate milk anyone.

next weekend no tell motel, a RR and Crit in lovely Tulare county!


Monday, March 12, 2007

CVC, a classic it was

Great race weekend, with somethin' for everyone. Each day a different guy laided the smack down, but Olaf sure took it to the streets on Sunday to deserve that win!!! Mick and Hutch put up a good fight, but the Safestrap boys had control. and like Towle said, one of the finest comebacks of all time! Once again TT'in is golden on the short walks home where there is no hidin' from the wind. It's late,.. gotta' go......

RR. this was a great par course, the real reason for showing, but I will have to say the crit was the most fun I have had in a while and that is kinda' scary. it had a beautiful stair step climb on winding narrow country roads. it did not seem that hard, but it was, cause the 2nd time up a couple of accellerations blew the group to bits. the usuals went up the road,.. Olaf, Martini, hutch, worthington... and us strangelers scratched our way back, but by then the real had gone down, the fastest gun in the west, quick draw Olaf, ripped up the road with the pocket rocket Worthington. and we thought our little group was saved with a quick catch after some yelling to organize the group (an organized chase is a rare bird here abouts').... the road had some great descents and only a bit of cross wind, so it was easy to do little while 'monster Mick, 'rockin Rob and 'hardman Hutch did the brunt of the chasing. the gap did not close till the last 5k, when we took it down from 1;35 to under :30. but 'quick draw took the booty. the 14 chasers grunted to the line as the Safestraps freshened up the sprint. .....more to come

TT, oh no, 8 miles straight and flat, then a couple of speed bumps and 8 more miles of a few raises and a couple of curves. The run along the river for a few was refreshing. I sure hope someone thinks this is cool, now I know why I love cross, it is always exciting. Ok, so not all of us can crank these things, but the 'monster did' in blazing style with the 'hardman' close behind. Looks like this really got quick draw steaming, as he "called them out" for Sundays crit.