Friday, April 13, 2007

See Potter has a magic wand

Boy, that was the toughest race I did in the longest time, and I thought I was getting fit enought to really road race. that break on thursday ripped my legs off... barely made it to the finish for fifth, and luckily with lots of time to spare, as I collapsed Fignon style. but seemed to be ok to race the circuit the next day and sqweezed out a seventh, sure am glad got away from the gaggle and that sprint would of been really embarrassing. looks like sprinting is still out, so attacking will have to be in.


Marco Fanelli said...

You da man HK! In the break with C-Walk?? That had to hurt. Looks like he used and abused you guys, but then again, that's what he does best.

veloandvino said...

great racing this weekend. Hope you enjoyed the PR.

see you at Wente?