Friday, April 27, 2007

Enjoy blister black tarmac

All you asphault slaves, enjoy the weekend baking on the tarmac, while I snort dirt with the counterculture mountain weanies. Can you say super D, let alone describe what it is , a bit easier than explaining the TdF to an SC fan... " Ah, what is this team thing anyway. "Well, really that only works with the top pros or in master racing if you buy all the riders."
It is gonna be warm even in Santa Ynez, break out the short sleeves and the stars and bars.
Till later, goedeavond!

1 comment:

dr-nitro said...

Ed said you got 2nd in the dirt. Good job. I figured that it was a bit too expensive, given that I'd need to buy a NORBA lisence.

See you at Cats Hill, though.