Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sea Otter RR - C-Walker breaks legs

Well, CW countered his own move when he got caught with JBoyer takin the ride, nobody in the small group of 8 choose to follow, knowing what danger lerked on CW's wheel, he has done it for years, likes ridin alone and can. LBlout powered the chase, with unstoppable work by CWire and WStetina. I helped for a couple of laps till my legs advised better if I want to stand a chance of seeing the line with these guys. JB kept his distance just at the back, allowing the chase to do what it could, we can all learn from that gesture. The ever present visual was his inevitable move with fresh legs. CW and LB looked the strongest and WS was hanging tough, he really had some great form. Second to last time through the feed, the break sputtered and JB attacked, CW was glued to his wheel and they rocketed away. LB looked around as WS gamed me a bit and then jumped up to him.... they took off up the road to link up with LB. WS stayed with LB for most of the last lap as I bummed some food to keep from going cross eyed. oh yah, it is dinner time about now. I could of walked up the finish hill faster, looking over my shoulder sure at this crawl some one would catch me,... nope made it and with load of time.... collapsed on the line, my legs were so sore

No sense DQing LB for his great ride, I remember getting 4th there one year and they gave the place to this other guy. Ran into him the next week at Wards F and asked where he finished, 4th he said,..."what, no way, I won that group sprint." He said "ya, they always get it messed up". Glad I won that day!

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