Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday, the day after

Well, I did not need a pill for this one. It was great to be able to relax for the first time in a long time, it is about time, the bike stayed in the car. It was pay back time to my French buddy, that was a bad draw… of course over here, if your anyone, there is a following and you are takin’ care of. No matter, he was not to upset when I fell asleep after he was lapped on the third lap, and they pulled him. Cedric, super guy!
The races continued all day, not finishing till almost 6pm. Believe it, the average times were all pretty close. Boy, they love their sport here in Europe. There were not a lot of Americans here, a Mike Patrick finished 9th in the 35s race at noon. Contrary to what so many think, no one hates ‘you’. This was a great Championship event, and “I’ll be back”.
So after all the fun and games, the place deserted, and here I am with a gratis cabin for the week, but there are too many places to go. to stay cooped on this hill side. Won’t be riding many of those famous col’s on a mt bike, but will drive them and take in some sites, Looks like this is probably the only real down time I might manage before Anthony flicks the switch on cross season…. Let’s see,…. that starts, for those hard core e mailers, in about two weeks, give me four, so I can rest up and work on my start.

Thanks for all the support, and remember,…. sandpaper all the carbon metal contact points and special grease for that carbon on carbon slippage, because a mechanical is worse than a fall (if you don’t mind the site of blood).

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