Monday, August 13, 2007

Post toasty

Just not a lot of juice to write much of anything with the wife and daughter, that job thing and two wheeling around to stay ready,... be ready. Wife cleaned up this weekend at the MCC horse show on someone elses fancy steed, champion - 2 wins, 2 seconds,... hard to keep up,... Kate was making her first fortunes dabbling in entrepreneurialship by selling any kind of good or service. she even dressed up and faked a British accent to get some more free product to turnaround and sell. I say, look out, she is only nine, course she had a 10 year old partner.
Tuesday pm flight to Frankfurt.....
Packing is never easy, so I figured gettin' it out of the way.... keep it light, 35lbs bag (love those wheels, thanks Specialized) and 50lbs bike bag.... that is just one nasty fast Specialized marathon that my man Nic made right!!
did a final tune up at Demo, amd that place rocks! and some roots, but lots of trees,.. and like the fellow said, "to bad that down hill can't go on for ever".... well, it is the best vertical around, not all this Skegg's crisscrossing bunk,... don't get me wrong, Skegg's is number uno, especially at 20 minutes away. it is kinda like goin' powder skiing in the middle of a weekday afternoon.

my best to everyone, and congrats to all the Strawberry success!!!

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