Tuesday, August 7, 2007

off to France

Call me crazy, and they have for years. Figured the least I could do to challenge myself this summer is to journey to France and face the toughest MTB riders in Praloup, France at the mst world championships. After winning the Nationals 2 years running on two distinctly different courses in a dominating fashion, and then slashing my way last year to a bronze at mtb worlds, it only came naturally to elect to go duke-it-out with the Euro-trash.
You can bet I am scared. God himself may descend from the clouds to line up at the start, but I have always figured I was racing myself and not the others who have lashed me with insults over the years. So, as always, if it is a good ride, it will be a happy day and if there is a podium, it will be a glorious day.
I wish all those competing good luck!

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