Friday, August 17, 2007

count down to blast off


Well, almost got kicked out of my Pen’sion, as the tour bus arrived, that just about stole my room, after a rapid am departure from sleeping past wake-up. Made it to Preloup for an easy roll around and one lap on the course. There is no way keeping it under AR on this parcourse with the steep climbs and nasty switchbacks.
Ran into the current World Champ, Rob Anderson, and he had lots of details on the competition and tomorrows start.
When I flicked on the tv, there was coverage of the race,.. no wonder these guys keep asking me if I’m a pro, …even the frighten Italians did not know what to think, as I tried to befriend them in four languages, sorry Italian isn’t one of them. Anthony’s design team really makes a difference
Spent a long while speaking with the Frenchman Cedric Emery, he was beautifully representing Specialized in their factory kit and Sworks machine …looks like he needs a new carbon one. The Irish had a great interest in the carbon marathon frame, wondering if it was as good as the Sworks, I guaranteed them, Nic had a secret formula into making it the best.
Funny thing, the downhillers are more detailed about their bikes ,..lots of suds and boxes of different spray lube, looks like they are getting all the tv time too.
Spent the remainder of the afternoon driving to the top of the Col d’Allos,… I think they just widened the goat trail to accommodate cars, the trip was well worth it, with a view and unbelievable world opening.

Tomorrow is race day, 10am… lord knows what will happen. My only worries are tire pressure and enough water,… yah right!!

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Velojuice said...

You are the man champ. I 'll be thinking about you at 3am or so!