Monday, January 22, 2007

Flyin' home, sweet home

Flying is a blast. You can go from here to there in an instant. It is just what happens in between that makes it exciting.
So, be smart when you fly and call ahead to make sure your plane is on time, and double check just before ya leave to the airport.
Well, this is a tail of the Kit cat that shared breakfast with me in Mechelen at the Woolsack. It leaped at the door, like a Jack Russell trying to get itself inside. Then, Kit politely sat in the chair next to me, not asking for food, only to chat.
Meanwhile, United is called and the plane is an hour and a half delayed. So, I asked the operator, " that means I show up two hours before flight time, “yes sir”.
OK, a couple more laps around town, sniffing all the bakeries, …no, no you can’t have any of those.
Had to pack the bikes in the light of some old courthouse last night, beautiful job, and loaded the duffle to a perfect sausage. Ready to go. And off to the airport. Turn in the car and work the balancing act of big bags to the counter. The red wheel bag calling out, $$$$. Wheeled around the check-in to find United shut down. What!, flashbacks to Argentina. Circling again, found their other desk. “ Oh no Mr Kramer, its to late to check in, your plane was going to leave in 15 minutes.” ….?…. Yes, but it is two hours late, and I am here two hours before the rescheduled departure?? ....Oh, but, but… well lets see. OK, is that your bike and wheel bag,.. here is your boarding pass. How did the race go?, she asked. Good!, thank you. WOW! Did a couple of back flips to celebrate the event.
Still two hours to departure, ...oh and that layover at Dulles and missed flight, rebooked. Who picks me up at the airport now?
To the gate, to the gate, to the gate, to wait.
Boarding now, ...oh no they caught the wheel bag ,..but I am sure I saw them load it. "No, Mr Kramer we need to ask you some questions. …Uh oh. Who packed your bags?" Nobody but me would of wanted to pack the two bikes and all that other stuff, that weighs who knows how much. Oh I see, you here for the championships? …how did it go,…congratulations,… have a nice flight. Double WOW!
Didn’t know they served ice cream in ‘economy’, …nice meal. Time for a movie. Boy that was a bad one. Five more hours to kill, …lets watch another crummy movie.
Phew, made my connection. Sure is easier running through airports when you are fit. Bikes were a little to heavy to make it, soooo, they will just have to wait .
All the best, Henri

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