Saturday, January 20, 2007

Can't retire yet

Well, I was dreaming about that SD job at Strawberry, but I guess it will have to wait. A Silver medal ain't all bad, see'in as they scored the winner and I with the same time. He got a front row call up, and I at the back without the 'hole shot',... Had to ride through some ugly traffic. Belgie managed to escape the sand first, while I fought my way off the beachhead in seventh spot and moving into second at the start of the next lap. Flying by guys, wonder what race they were doing. It is a very short race, 30', and with two laps to go, I figured, unless he had some real problems, it was goin' be tough to catch. I rode a great race, with few mistakes, but was foiled in the early stages from a poor spot and no clear opening. Even the officail's good luck wishes didn't part the seas. Boy, it is great racing here.

So, thanks CalGiant Strawberry and Specialized, but it looks like you'll have to keep me in shorts and bikes for a couple years till I get one of those jerseys. It was real cool to stand next to "Ron" when he pulled it on.

All the best. I'll try an give ya a more detailed report if you'all can stomach the details.

Thanks again!!! Henri


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Marco Fanelli said...

Congrats Henry...that's really cool. Are all those road races we do totally boring in comparison?? I mean, 'cross in Belgium...How much better could it get!

(btw, this is a real comment, unlike that one above. Maybe you should turn on that anti-spam text thingie.)