Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Belgium weather returns

It moved in with a vengence. Lady luck has had the weather great till now with blue skies. Today the wind began to howl and heard it is gonna be worse tomorrow, and the rain stated to come down in sheets. Fortunately went training this morning. Out of Brugge for two days. Found this great hotel right in downtown last year, the owner is a stand up. Trains playing poker with three other guys while on stationaries.
Rode to the beach to get some sand work and had miles of dunes to myself, with an obnoxious 30mph crosswind. Paced a scooter on the way out for about 15k and the guy would of paced me to Paris if I wanted. Then, as per ususal, I rode in circles, trying to find my way back. When I did, it was pounding the flat cross wind bikeway along the canal, the most direct routes for two whell in these parts, as the storm worsened.
Tomorrow, head over to Mol, to some new digs, will miss Phillip's place here in medievall Brugge.
All the Best, Henri

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