Sunday, January 14, 2007

3#rd times a charm?

1/14/2007 Today, turned out how I hoped and planned, with the win. There was no way I was sitting back and playing cookie with those two mugs. So, I set out to go the pace and be the front. At the whistle, with a weaving line, where there was lots of banging. The start was down a long paved straight into a sweeping narrowed 180 left turn, curbing (ramped), to the snaked grass section and one set of barriers. This is the same track, a few improved variables, was run the past 4 years. So, as the corner began, back about seven and knowing the front, I powered a smooth outside inside line and swept the corner clean to the front, and rode away from the group. At the first turn on the field there was ten seconds. That margin never narrowed.
The track was fast, with lots of straights. The traffic came quickly, but luck allowed for fast easy smooth passing. My gap grew every lap, all the way to the finish.
The course had several challenging pieces. A 30 meter mud section that I ran the first lap because of traffic, rode best center then to the right then left. A ditch, that had a riding line, always seemed jammed with slogging mudders, so running came naturally, albeit one of 8 laps. A tricky narrow trail along a stream, had a sharp left rise with a notorious root, but luck had it clear every pass to ride it clean. The one disappointment, and I feel badly for the others, is missing the podium call ( and picture). I am hoping my Belgium friends forgive quickly.
Today was a blessed day, thank you!
Well, in a couple of days, we’ll go look at the sands of Mol and ready for the main event.
Oh, the weather was unbelievable!! Blue skies, low 50s.
“Is this California”, I exclaimed.
All the best, Henri
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Greg said...

Henry, this is GREAT news. Congrats man. My buds back home in CA have been keeping me abreast here in CO of your trips overseas. Inspiring. Hearing these stories has me amped for 2008 (...and every day I wake up with the plan of heading over to do some lead up races before attending the Master's worlds). I am stoked you pulled this off. Great racing with you out here in Boulder and we hope to have you and Cal Giant back (even though no GP's are not planned for Boulder next year). Great job man!

Henry J said...

Congratulations on your win this past Sunday. Your good form held up since the beginning of the '06 cx season. You may see yourself racing USGP #1 CX Master Men race here:

(broadband internet connection recommended)

Josh and Barb said...

Yeah Henry! That sounds like the course we raced when I was over there with you a few years ago, was it? That's pretty lame that noone else showed up for the podium! Sore losers! Pretty badass. -josh