Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cool conditions caulk causual cyclists

Yes, unseasonable cold for this time of year and you could hear the grumbling... was that frosty breath at the top of 9 and that kid had shirt sleeves and shorts getting ready for Mt Hambone,... but by the time we reach Ben Lomond, it was warm but windy or maybe that was just Jojo flying up the hill past us, ....and we got home it 6:30 hours, man... no, dolomiten man.

Sunday was just as good with old slide road out of Pacifica, ... it warmer there, and then a climb through the Perissima woods, then weaved through three San Jose juniors doing a full road descent on skyline to 92, ....and who do I see, (his eyes are better than mine) super Hutch cutting through an uphill headwind like a hot knife through butter... then home through the neon yellow soloist on Canada.

WOW, did see all those unicyclist criusing!!!


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