Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tour the Unkown Coast

this is the first 'century ride'( raced a lot of long stuff) ever done and I hear it is more like a race with 500 starters for the 100 miler.
some big names have done this in the past, Pigg, Armstrong and Juarez last year. raced this very route when it was a stage race back in 1990. that is a whole other story - off the front with the eventual winner as we descended to the coast and I flew off the road.

am looking forward to taking a hike in the 'oldest living things' on our planet. won't have a chance to climb any, but have been eying some old growth around Skegg's.... saddle up and don't forget how to tie a bowline, I mean figure 8.

headed up there with friend and legend Clark Natwick some how we both got a pass for mother's day morning as we will be celebrating in Ferndale Saturday night.

see then , when....

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