Monday, April 14, 2008

WOW, what a week

Someone asked about a mtb ride.... this time of year?.., with the greatest 2 races in the season back to back. so I did tons of road riding to feel like part of it, reaching a blissful self respecting peace of clairvoyant understanding and vision..... man I think I need glasses.
So the Blegie's rocked and ruled the continent, showing how and why their cycling dominated culture can race their major mode of transportation... ever seen one of them throw a ball, like a girl, as we say... but someone once yelled at me that I ride like a girl... guess they haven't ridden with some of THE girls... anyway, he almost got a black eye.

no one reads this crap anyway, so why bother reading or racing anyway....

good day

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Anonymous said...

i read it :)