Sunday, January 13, 2008


today we had great weather again with clear skies. did not get any sleep that night and my head never seemed to get on tract. it is a great race, mostly through fields, we got their early and warmed up, but I did not seem to be able to get to the line on time and just about missed the start. so at the back row and little time to focus, I never notice the Belgium champ up front, and he was, in Belgium style. allowed to escape on the first lap, I started ok, but he was gone. after working through traffic to the front in the first 3/5rd a lap, I road a lone all race, try to bridge to him, the guys behind soon disappeared, but Sals, was crushing it off the front. with 3 to go, there was no way I could get him.
Congratulated him at the finish and dubbed him "crusher", he smiled and said " don't miss the start next race", we laughed.
Well, he looks like the man, but this kinda of course favors him, open power, he is big. I was happy to have faced him and am excited about the challenge at worlds.
Gannon had a great start, and moved into the front group of 5 on the start of the 2nd lap, he went down hard when he clipped a corner pole (steel rod) and had a yard sale. when he gathered 8 guys went by, we rode the last lap together

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