Saturday, January 19, 2008

the day after, I need a morning pill

well, the Big event came and went. Americans did really well, a gold and silver in the ladies grouping, Kathy and Trina, and some top tens for the men, but Gannon was the biggest disappointment again. Will Black was the top man in sixth, Kramer nailed down an 8th, and Gary Noe made the top ten.
I have learn now after 6 tries here for the top spot that there is a lot of luck involved. the start is so chaotic, and if you don't get the front row and clear the mess easily and get off the beach in the top 5, the race for the win is not yours. once again we all drew back row starts. I was on the third row and got stuck behind a jam in the first corner, and then got knocked over on the first lap, at that point a race for the win was over, but passing 3 guys on the last lap put me in 8th, ~ok. interesting enough, only one of the three major Belgium contenders got third, the other two finished behind me, one who I passed in the last lap. and these guys won every race, 20+, this season in Belgium, favorites... kinda shows how lady luck is a charm you need here.
Don't ask, but the leg is killing me this morning and it felt like a broom stick yesterday, so I don't think there will be a race today.
But the weather will be great, rain and windy.

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