Wednesday, January 16, 2008

rain, then sun

yesterday the rain was blowing sideways and our van was turned upside down as we drove back through Gent from Brugge.... no riding in these conditions, but it paid off, as we were to do a training ride with the local club today, Wednesday. we met our sponsor Jeff Peters, brother to the famous Wilfred Peters and headed to the town center, coffee first. here we met, 20 year old Sunweb pro, Johan van Dahl(?) and the Belgium TT champion. 60 young riders showed at the church meeting place,.... 60 riders, dressed in local club gear to do the 15k loop. 2 by 2 we were instructed, nothing fast, no attacking. after 1 lap the 14 year olds split to the back and we continued around for 3 more laps, as the others continued. met the jr national team trainer and arranged for a meeting on Friday.
perfect training and some great weather, there is more rain to come

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