Sunday, March 18, 2007

Zamora RR

This is a pretty cool race course and set up with lots of road. A huge 35+ field. It was cool for a Strawberry, 'cause we had are bitty team there, workin like pros. No real result, but we linked up nicely going through the last lap, just like old times, to set up a sprint to have the madman lose a wheel..... Shucks! The tree man battled for the KOM with some tiny colombian climber.... gosh, there could of been a donut hole for 2nd place. a break got its' beehind caught at the line, but Safegay huh Paulsen blew away at 500m for a zip-up finish with monster Mick storming in for 2nd. He's the driver. The rest hooked and guttered to the line for a fast freaky finish. It was fun, chocolate milk anyone.

next weekend no tell motel, a RR and Crit in lovely Tulare county!



Olaf Vanderhoot said...

that was one helluva KOM battle you two had going on.

'bout shattered my legs ... and i was 50m back.

cool to watch.

. said...

I had no busines challenging that guy, but If your going to go swimming, just dive on in! Henri