Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hanford Crit

Hold the presses, If there is more than one strawberry in a bunch is it a basket, a batch, a bushel or a bunch. No,... it is a clam shell, or a flat, if there are enough. Well, we were good, but we were kinda' flat. The new SLO contingent rocked,... the rules of the road are about to change!! The mst race went well... we got in some breaks, powered the field and set up guys for the final sprint. The 'payne man, showed his huge potential, stoaking a 3rd place field finish, with the danger man crowding his heals. The rest of the clam shell clan pushed everyone through. Most were pooped and headed home, while Gannon and I hung for the whistling Pro race that when finished, we fell off our bikes. coach Ron and Connie cheered from the fence as Keith M. managed the winning break of 10 for a 5th place. The foraging of the last 10 spots got a bit dodgy for all but the youngins and claim jumpers, we wilely in no break, coasted to the line.

A solid day, a super weekend and to boot, my family missed me, job well done. Henri


nitro said...

On the journey home, while pooped, I was kinda wishing I stuck around for some more abuse. However, I figure that I had better learn to read lap cards before I hop in another crit.

I think I'm off to the mountains next week, so no Brisbeen races. Next race, Copperopolis. And I'll be damned if I let another Mike and Mike show steal the day.

veloandvino said...

Nitro is a cool cat, like his style.