Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tornado Tom rides Specialize to 7th win

Boonen klopt Eeckhout in spurt Dwars door Vlaanderen

Tom Boonen gaat in E3-Prijs op zoek naar record


dr-nitro said...

This is a great marketing example of turning lemons into lemonade.

"Ouch, my back hurts with my new bike."

"Yehaa, I won with the new bike they built for my back back."

Henri said...

TT had to make up for the bike be'in the prob, maybe he was just pointing to his legs, which are just right for the big one, and the media is pumping the bike. Any odds for RdV?

Hey, nitro, where is the training camp this weekend?

dr-nitro said...

Oh no, he was pointing at the bike, and he and Specialized are making the most of it.

As for the camp this weekend, it is not a training camp. Unless you think that you need to train to drink beer. Sure, there will be a mt bike ride up the 5100' Caliente Mountain. But that's only so my friend can say that he is still young while kissing the half century mark.

So, a few hours up the coast tomorrow, then drive out to Carrizo Plains and commence the beer drinking by about 4.

Have fun at the races.

Anonymous said...

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