Monday, May 14, 2007

Berkeley RR, P/!/2

Doin' a P/1/2 RR is like chinese water torture. it slowly wears ya down till ya don't have nothin left. it not so bad when it starts, but as it ends, ya wanta yell "uncle".

yah. I finished, but there is little grace left at the end of this kinda race.

see ya on the single track.

racing the bike is fun cause it is hard, not racing your bike is hard cause it is fun.
and on Monday, it is hard to decide which fun is more fun. Henri


dr-nitro said...

You ate that stuff up, HK. And next time you hop in a geezer pack, you will be able to dish out the torture that you recieved. Something like the law of conservation in physics, or something like that.

Henri said...

cool, felt pretty coozy till the last gap, I mean lap, then the bunch decided 'time to chase'.
you were sure at home there!

dr-nitro said...

Coming to Panoche Pass RR?

veloandvino said...

you rock henry!!

Henri said...

Hutch, sounds like while we were suffering in bike racing heaven, you were suffering the wining and dining in Spain
sure hope your ready for one of your glory rides up Hamilton, steam role the gray thunder!