Sunday, January 18, 2009

now that felt good

what a most awesome par-course, worth the trip here. have wanted to do it for years. lots of twist and turns through the woods, up and down on tacky sandy loom. Add a stretch of bricks. a challenging race to boot.
starting at the back was a serious handicap, as the Belgium champ rode away from the front line. had to manage through traffic safely to attack the leading group on the second lap and getting free. opening up a good gap, was able to keep the leader in sight til the last circuit, when last year Belgium champ got up to my wheel and attacked me at the start of the woods, determinedly stayed glued to his wheel on the short snaking tree cluttered rises, and realized my advantage. he went hard on a short straight before the faster winding section, so just before we entered a sweeping dip, jumped around him at full tilt into the drop and shot away. gained the gap and then nailed it shut on the bricks into the finish. it was an exciting avenging ride and a very very fun course.
This Kasterlee venue is in a town with a bike shop that Bart Wellens worked in till he got his first pro contract. At Harry Van de Watters shop, many of Bart's bikes are for sale, not available at his haberdashery in Herentals. asta

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