Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mt Snow rocks.... and roots

Mt Snow was all that everyone said it would be and more.... the kicker was if it were wet, came to be. Take all the rocks and roots you have ever seen on a trail, cover them with mud and place them like tiles on a fall line "trail", more like a a shoot or couloir in skiing, and ride down it in a fully amped race situation,,, oh, don't forget 150 plus riders that started in front of us youngins', choking the lines.
Man was I scared!!, not of the others, but that nasty fun course. One of these days I'll learn to ride this stuff.
Guess I kinda knew what I was doing, cause legendary east coaster P. Curley was 5:30 behind in 2nd and the next locals 3rd and 4th were a whopping 30 minutes back, but that was the kinda course it was. Adam Craig crushed the elites by over 5 minutes.
stay tuned , more to come

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